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          Aer Pocket - Bathroom Air Fragrance, Bright Tangy Delight, 10 g

          Vendor: SS Shoppe
          ₹ 53.00
          ₹ 60.00

          Bright Tangy Delight Orange is a bit complex, it's a fruit and it's a colour too. Orange the fruit is orange in colour, but everything orange in colour may not smell or taste like orange. Don't let this complexity affect you. Just sit back and enjoy this tangy aroma while we deal with these complex oranges. Godrej Aer Pocket Say hello to Godrej aer pocket, a range of bathroom air freshener available in 5 delightful fragrances. Its unique power gel technology keeps your bathroom fragrant for 3-4 weeks and ensures that its fragrance reaches every corner of your bathroom. 

          A must-have stock item in your pantry & toilet, Godrej aer pocket is so easy to use, that you simply have to unwrap the packet and hang it with the hook provided. That's it, you are done. Godrej aer pocket works 24x7 without any effort, so you can walk-in to a refreshing fragrance every-time you step into your bathroom. You can now choose from any of our 5 refreshing fragrance variants - Misty Morning Meadows, Fresh Lush Green, Bright Tangy Delight, Violet Valley Bloom, and Petal Crush Pink.

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