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          Ponds Face Wash, 50 g

          Pimple Clear White
          Vendor: SS Shoppe
          ₹ 92.00
          ₹ 95.00

          All of us have dealt with pimples and acne at some point in time in our lives. Blemishes and pimple marks play on our psyche and can affect our confidence levels and morale leading to depression and more. Environmental factors are only some the causes of this problem, but hormones and genetics also play a part in triggering acne. Stress, lifestyle choices, hygiene issues, makeup residue, and food can make the situation worse. Even grooming can add to the problem as your hair could be accumulating germs, dirt, and grease throughout the day and transferring them onto your face. 

          The Solution Ponds Pimple Clear offers the best face wash for pimples and acne thanks to its uniquely formulated solution that includes active Thymo-T Essence. The formula works well with this face wash for oily skin and it also makes it the best face wash for dry skin. It penetrates deep into the epidermis of your skin to lock pimple-causing germs at the root and helps clear them away. 

          Ponds a Pimple Clear face wash is a gentle face wash with the worlds first Lock plus Clear Technology that is clinically proven to start showing results in just three days giving you clearer, healthier, smoother skin.

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